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What STBs (Set top boxes) are available with Fios?

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You have 3  choices when you order Fios.

Option 1.

No Set top box. Plug the cable right into your TV.

With this option, you will on get channels 1-50 which is bascially networks, local channels, and government

Option 2.

Standard definition Set Top box.

Model QIP2500.

Price= $3.95/ month

With this STB, you can get all channels in standard definition on any TV in your home. This will allow you to get Video On Demand

Option 3.

High Definition Set Top Box

Model QIP6412

Price= $12.95/ month

With this STB you will have High Definition capability, DVR (recording) capability, and Home Media distribution capability (there may be an extra charge for the Home media service). You will be able to get VOD as well.

Click here for more information and pictures of the STBs

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Last updated on 09.27.06

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