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What is the difference between MSN Premium and Verizon Yahoo! Services.Which do FiOS users recommend more?

Category:General Information

Both MSN premium and Yahoo service are offered free to Verizon Internet account holders. These are "value add" applications that offer extra features like Parental controls, virus protection, etc.  These services are OPTIONAL and you dont need to select either. If you did choose to select one, here are some tips that might help:

1. You CAN switch between the two (if you dont like the one you signed up for) but you need to wait 90 days.

2. When you install MSN or Yahoo it is not just a email program. However the AV and firewall by macafee and webroot spyblaster can be selected (or not) after the insatll is complete. In MSN click on the shield in the tool bar for those options. Bottom line, parts of the installation of these premium service is OPTIONAL.

3. Do I need to install one of these: As mentioned above, NO. This is completely optional.

Which one is better?

This is a subjective question. When asked about it at dslreports.com, most users said they liked the features of MSN better. They said it was easier to use and had better features like McAfee virus. You should look into the features of each package yourself before you make a selection and decide which package has the best features for you.  

Written by Ryan- FiosFAQ
Last updated on 10.08.06

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