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On the Actiontec router adminsitartion screen, I don't alwats see al of my coax devices listed - I have STBs but will typically only see 1 or 2 listed. Is this normal ?


Yes, by default the Actiontec will only show devices that have been "active" in the last 5 minutes.  So, if you were to use Video On Demand (VOD) on one of your STBs, it would show up as active.

If you wish to see all of the devices, instead navigate to the following area:

 Advanced -> IP Address Distribution -> Connection List

This will show you all of your active DHCP leases (including STBs).  By default, STBs are named IP-STBx (where x is the number of your box) e.g. IP-STB1

Written by Nigel Lander -
Last updated on 07.24.07

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