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ActionTec wireless is poor -- use Linksys wireless or other router connected to ActionTec


We had problems with the wireless abilities of the ActionTec router from the installation. It was inconsistent -- showing good performance for a few minutes and then dropping to no connectivity, on and off, like that all of the time. That is not how it should be for anyone who is wondering if that's what wireless is like.

After calling Verizon a number of times and updating the settings in the ActionTec and then updating the firmware (an important step for anyone who had the router installed in summer of 2006 or before), the wireless connectivity was STILL poor. I don\'t know if it is because this router has only one antenna or it is low-quality hardware. We moved the router around the house only to find it didn't help at all. We shut off all of our wireless telephones and that didn\'t help either. I have 4 wireless computers that were previously on an older Linksys modem with no problem, but ActionTec was just terrible.

Verizon may have chosen a low-cost wireless hardware supplier -- they should have gone with a more standard supplier because the ActionTec doesn\'t cut it at all for wireless and there are tens of thousands of customers who have now been moved to an inferior platform.

So, that being said, if you want to add a Linksys router as the wireless access point which I strongly recommend, make sure you go into the ActionTec\'s admin page, turn off the wireless, and then go to the Linksys admin page. In setting up the Linksys router, make sure you follow the instructions given previously on this FAQ but you also need to make sure that you are changing your LAN IP setting to the and also you enter a DNS entry in the Linksys admin page. The instructions don\'t say what a DNS entry is but this is the same as the address for the ActionTec router, generally

I couldn\'t get connectivity until I rebooted the laptop, and then boom, up and running with no problems whatsoever. All of our computers are now on Linksys and running great. Well worthit.

Written by John
Last updated on 12.18.06

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