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How much does it cost to operate the ONT and BBU (power cost)


The new MoCA power supplies are rated at 50 watts. Discounting any losses during the conversion process to heat or other inefficiencies, you are looking at 1.2 kWh/day (50 watts * 24 hours / 1000 ). Typical kWh costs are somewhere around $.06-.08/kWh, so even including additional costs for delivery, taxes, etc, you are looking at less then $.10/kWh usually. 1.2 kWh * .$10 per kWh * 30 days = 3.60. This is more "worst case" then what most will likely find as the 50 watts is the top the power supply is rated for. Periods when you aren't using your phone, data, or MoCA energy usage drops lower. In another thread someone said their ONT drew 11 watts running, 18 when charging the battery. That takes the monthly price down to the $1-2 range per month.

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Last updated on 01.29.07

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