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ONT Optical Network Terminal ONT is an media converter that's installed by Verizon outside of your home, during the FiOS installation. This device will convert fiber-optic/light to copper (which is installed in your home, currently).
BBU Battery Backup Unit In addition to your ONT, your service has a Battery Back-up Unit (BBU) that is located inside your garage or house. In case your ONT is accidentally unplugged or in the event of a commercial power failure your back-up battery will provide you with power for voice service for up to 8 hours.
POTS Plain Old Telephone System The system of copper wires that is most likely running through your walls that carries the phone connection
OLT Optical Line Terminal OLTs are located in Verizon's central switching office; this equipment serves as the point of origination for FTTP (Fiber-to-the-Premises) transmissions coming into and out of the national Verizon network.
FDH Fiber Distribution Hub They are the beige boxes (pole or pad mount), that contain the optical splitters.
FDT Fiber Distribution Terminal The black objects where the drops that go to individual houses are connected. The terminals can go on a pole or underground depending on how your utilities are delivered. Most are 4-port terminals but they do come in different sizes.
NID Network Interface Device A device that terminates copper pair from the serving central office at the user's destination and which is typically located outside that location.
NIC Network Interface Card The part of your computer that connects you to high speed internet (AKA ethernet card)
PEG Public/Education/Government Related to local TV channels that are broadcast from your community and are not netowrk or "cable" networks.
FTTP Fiber To The Premises The technical term for what FIOS is. The act of brining a fiber optic connection directly to the house, office ,etc.
NIM Network Interface module A Device that connects the Ethernet connect (IP network) to the CATV network. This is a device that Verizon puts in your home with FIOSTV that enables Video On Demand and the Program Guide.
VOD Video On Demand Short for Video-on-Demand, an umbrella term for a wide set of technologies and companies whose common goal is to enable individuals to select videos from a central server for viewing on a television or computer screen. VoD can be used for entertainment (ordering movies transmitted digitally), education (viewing training videos), and videoconferencing (enhancing presentations with video clips).
STB Set Top Box What is commonly referred to as the "cable box," this device sits between the RG6 cable and your TV and acts as your tuner
MDU Multi Dwelling Unit This is what verizon calls any property with multiple houses on a single lot. This could be a apartment complex, townhomes, etc. Sometimes there are special requirements for installing FIOS on MDUs.

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