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How do I hook up my D-Link DIR655 Router to the ActionTec MI424 WR?


Connect a wire from a LAN port on the actiontech router to the WAN port ofyour D-Link router. You must change the subnet on your D-link router to be something different than 192.168.1.x (as that is the default of the actiontec). I  would suggest changing your D-link router to 192.168.0.x. It is recommended that you plug all of your computers/ devices that you want to access on your LAN directly to the D-link.

Note that this method uses double NAT (network address translation) and is not recommended for heavy data usage (basically, if you know what this is, you know why its not good).

If you have FiosTV, you will need to connect your STBs directly to the actiontec router and not to the D-Link.

Written by Aaron-FIosFAQ
Last updated on 05.04.07

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