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BBU and data on battery information


I contacted Verizon prior to install to confirm that the supplied BBU would power data service (since I use voip).  The rep told me to inform the installing tech to leave the BBU on it's "default setting".   She also told me that while the BBU was rated for 8 hours voice service, it was only rated half that for data (and you still need a UPS for the router and ata).  Anyway, I tested this after the install and I can assure you that it works. 

It seems to me that if this is the default setting, then every BBU should automatically do this unless the tech changes it during the install.  If you're already installed with voice only, I would contact Verizon.  If they're lazy, tell them ask somebody who know's better because you confirmed you would have data prior to the install.

Written by Steven
Last updated on 05.19.07

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