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What will happen to my existing DSL service?

Category:Fios Installation

When your fiber order is completed (the service has been installed and successfully tested), Verizon's automation systems will automatically put in an order to disconnect any ADSL service you have with them. This will happen regardless of the type of ADSL service you had and the type of FiOS service you now have. This will also happen regardless of whether your phone line is moved to fiber or kept on copper.

The theory is that for residential PPPoE/dynamic ADSL customers upgrading to residential PPPoE/dynamic FiOS, once the fiber is up and running, there would be no good reason for you to want the DSL. Also, if your phone line is moved to fiber, there's no longer a copper phone line to carry the ADSL. So this disconnect is intended to be a convenience for you, though clearly it aligns with Verizon's goals of moving everything away from copper and towards fiber.

There is a lot of confusion within Verizon about this, because there are cases where it doesn't make so much sense to cut off the ADSL automatically, such as with the business static IP service, or if you are ordering a different kind of fiber service than ADSL service. If you have to make any assumptions, you should assume the ADSL will be cut off automatically.

Other providers' ADSL service probably will be cut off if your phone service moves to fiber. It still probably will be cut off if your phone service stays on copper. If anyone has experience with this, please suggest an update to this FAQ.

SDSL or DDS/T1 service should not be affected by fiber installation.

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Last updated on 09.01.06

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