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Motorola NIM100 MOCA Bridge Info


Q: What is the default Username / Password for the Motorola NIM100 ?
A1:  If you access via a web browser, the default password is "entropic".  No username required.
A2:  If you access via a telnet session, the default username is "root".  No password required.

Q:  What is the default IP address of the Motorola NIM100 ?
A:   By default DHCP is disabled, and the ip address will be negotiated by interrogating for other Moca devices on the network.  If there are no other MOCA devices, the ip address will be, otherwise, it will increment until an unused address is found (,,, etc.)

Misc Info:
The Motorola NIM100 will auto-detect required MOCA-Ethernet bridge settings, and interoperate correctly with other MOCA devices including:
    FIOS TV Set Top Boxes
    Actiontec MI424WR
    Other Motorola NIM100

Written by David Horn
Last updated on 07.24.07

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