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Do I have to use the supplied D-Link/Actiontec router with Verizon FiOS?


No. However, Verizon will not provide you with technical support if you use your own router.

Some routers may not be able to support FiOS' higher speeds. For example, some users have discovered a 16-17 Mbps limit with the Linksys WRT54G using third party firmware.

If you have FiosTV, VOD or other items may not work 100% correctly if your router does not support QOS (Quality of Service) which prioirtizes certain data.

As well, the Actiontec Router has a built-in NIM (What is a NIM?) which verizon will not give to you separatly. Without a NIM, you will not get the program guide nor VOD.

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Last updated on 06.30.07

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