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Can I get a static IP address?

Category:IP and Port Information

Yes, but you'll need to switch to the FiOS business plan.

Static 15Mbps/2Mbps package: (1-year contract required)


Up to 5 static IP addresses.

Additional static IP addresses available at extra fee.

Features include:

  • *Free Wired Router
  • *Free Tech install
  • *Super high-speed Internet access
  • *10 standard email accounts
  • *Unlimited remote dial-up access
  • *20MB personal web space
  • *24/7 live Technical Support
  • *30-day money back guarantee
  • *Free installation by Verizon Technicians
  • *Access to tools and news at the Verizon Business Center

    See: http://biz.verizon.net/pands/fios/features.asp for an up-to-date listing of business plan offerings and prices.

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    Last updated on 09.01.06

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