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How do I enable port forwarding on the ActionTec Router?

Category:IP and Port Information

1. Log into your router
2. Click Security Icon
3. Click "Port Forwarding" on the left
4. Click the red "Add" link
5. Leave "Specify Public IP Address" Unchecked -- this would be used if you had 5 static IPs and wanted to still do more port forwarding
6. Networked Computer / Device: Enter the IP address of the host on your INTERNAL network that you want the external port forwarded to.
7. Protocol: This is the EXTERNAL port or port ranges that will activate the port forwarding. You might choose "SSH" or whatever, or you can click "Add" to add a new external port.
8. WAN Connection Type: You would use this if you had multiple broadband connections, but you don't. Just leave "All Broadband Devices"
9. Here is the INTERNAL port on your INTERNAL machine that the externally-triggered port will forward to.
10. When? Always!
11. Click OK.

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Last updated on 09.01.06

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