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Where can I test the speed of my FiOS service?

Category:Speed Information

There are a number of places you can test your FiOS connection to make sure you're getting the most of your connection. However, with the high-bandwidth that Verizon FiOS brings to your home, you most certainly want to test using a rather large file download/upload. A great place to start would be using the Optimum Online FTP speed test which is a 64.0MB "dumb" (meaning: useless) file. You can check your transfer rate between 30-50%.

The more common ones used are the Speakeasy speed test that can be found here. Choose the location nearest you. If you're looking to post your results in the Forums, you can can copy/paste the results.

Here's the "unofficial" Verizon FiOS speed test here: http://infospeed.verizon.net/fttp

Verizon has a new Java-based speed test site at: speedtest.verizon.net It uses the same Java-based test as the popular Miranda test site run by Argonne National Laboratory, but it has been customized by Verizon with nice graphic results pages and a lead-in page that selects the proper test server based on your subscriber package. More information: http://speedtest.verizon.net  (-thanks to Mike Sullivan for this addition)

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