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What do the BBU indicator Lights mean?


The BBU(batery backup unit) has four distinct lights to signify certain conditions as decribed below:


System Light

Green: Operating normally

Blinking greed: Battery is going through a self test

Yellow: The ONT is operating from the battery and the battery is discharging

Blinking Red: the battery is fully discharged and needs to be replaced

Battery Light

Green: ONT is operating Normally

Yellow: Battery is either recarging or conducting a self test, or the BBU is providing power to the ONT

Red:  Battery is low. When this light comes on, approximately two hours of talk time remain

Replace Battery Light

Red:  Battery needs to be replaced

Auxiliary light

Green:  Auxiliary battery pack (ABP) is connected to the BBU. ABP option is currently not available

Off: No auxiliary battery pack is connected

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Last updated on 06.30.07

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