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SLow remote, navigation - possible solution

Category:FiosTV FAQ

Wanted to share a solution I found to a slow remote - slow navigation issue. Changing channels and navigating the guide was painfully slow on one of my STB's. The other two were fine. After swapping boxes and remotes I finally realized the issue was my ReplayTV DVR (like a Tivo). It is between my STB and TV and it has a slight delay from its input to output becauses it caches the signal. Thus the STB was getting the signal fine but it was taking more than a second to show up on the TV because of the DVR. Bypassing the DVR solved the problem and navigation is very fast again.

Hope this helps others who complain that the navigation is slow. We didn't have a STB before Verizon so this was new to us.

Written by Bruce White
Last updated on 08.24.07

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