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Philips RC-144 Remote - code readback

Category:FiosTV FAQ

The Philips RC-144 Remote has a code readback function that isn't mentioned in the Verizon manual1. The code readback will tell you what code is in use after you have done a code search. Then, if you need to program the remote again in the future, you can enter the code directly instead of repeating a code search.

Say you've just completed a code search for the TV device key. Here's how you'd get the code readback. (You can use other device keys also).

TV+OK, 933, Play

The Power and FiOS TV buttons blink once (indicating the first digit will follow), then the TV button blinks 1 to 9 times to indicate the first digit is 1 to 9, or the TV button flickers fast to indicate the digit 0.

Then the Power and FiOS TV buttons blink twice, and the TV button blinks out the second digit.

And likewise for the third and fourth digits.


1. You can visit Verizon's remote help page to check if your remote is the Philips RC-144 and get a copy of the manual for the other programming features.

Written by Bavi_H
Last updated on 09.26.07

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