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Why does Verizon remove the copper phone line?

Category:Fios Installation

Up until 9/20/07, it was up to the individual tech's judgement to remove the copper drop, as there generally is no need for it once a customer has their telephone service on the FiOS network. Situations where I personally did not remove the drop would be in a buried environment or where the aerial drop run was especially horrendous (through trees, more than 200', etc.).  It might also have been part of the contract the customer signed.

As of 9/20, we were instructed by the company (at least here in RI) to not remove the drop. No reason was given, but it could be one of the following, in order of my personal belief.

1. Less time the tech has to spend on the job, increasing productivity, something the company pushes. I still find the job takes me just as long.......

2. Cost of re-installing the copper drop (read:needs to dispatch a tech costing Verizon money), which is needed if the customer decides to go with a CLEC such as AT&T, MCI, etc., versus leaving the copper network in place and being able to just 'flip the switch' to turn on the customer. In fact, if a customer decides to go to a CLEC, a tech is still needed to move the customer's inside wiring off of the FiOS and onto the copper. What cost savings????

3. Customer complains that they wanted it left up. I have yet to hear this.......


Written by Patrick M - John L
Last updated on 11.02.07

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