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Is there a Port open to the world on the actiontec router?

Category:IP and Port Information

Yes. As a matter of fact there is. For security reasons, we are not going to post the port number, however, you can use this tool to scan you actiontec and find the port number that is open to the world in the default configuration of the Actiontec router:

The old link to the scan tool is no longer valid. It has been moved to: http://scan.sygate.com/home_homeoffice/sygate/index.jsp

To fix this issue and block the port use these steps (Thanks to no_coin@ dslreports for the procedure). This procedure will work with DHCP users only... if you have PPPOE, you will need to modify the end of this procedure to apply the "rule" to the WAN PPPOE connection.

1. home-> advanced-> protocols-> add

2. service name: AAA-Security block (you can call it anything, the AAA will make it come up first on a long list)

3. Add Server Ports; TCP, any, single = port number, OK

4 home-> security-> adv filtering

5 input rule sets-> Broadband Connection (Ethernet) Rules-> add


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