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my future home has FIOS, can I take over the contract when the original owner moved? ir do I have to install a new one when I move in?

Category:General Information

If you currently have FiOS, you should be able to transfer your contract. If you are just moving in, when you go to have your service turned in, the records will note that there is FiOS equipment at the location, and you will be given the opportunity to have your internet through the FiOS service or not, which is the 'contract' you establish. You have to agree to the Terms of Service for internet service, not the voice service.

In short, the previous owner will have to terminate their contract unless they are moving to an area where FiOS can be installed, and they can pick up where they left off in their contract. You will have to establish your own contract.

Hope this helps.

Written by alan - John L
Last updated on 11.28.07

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