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How do I use linksys wireless instead of the Built-in wireless in the actiontec?


This procedure will allow you to use another wireless AP instead of the one built into the actiontec. You may want to consider this if you have connection issues with the actiontec.

On the linksys or other wireless AP make the following setting changes

1. Connection Type: Static

2. Enter a static ip of (or any other IP outside of the Actiontec IP range)

3. Set the Gateway to : (or the IP of your actiontec router)

4. Keep the Subnet mask of

5. Disable the DHCP server (the actiontec will act as the DHCP server)

Now, physically plug the wireless access point into a LAN (not WAN) port on the back of the actiontec. (LAN PORT on the linksys TO THE LAN PORT on the actiontec)

Connect to the access point to test the connection.

This may also be helpful if you want to locate your Wireless AP somewhere other than where you actiontec is located.

Written by FiosFAQ- Andreseng
Last updated on 09.07.06

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