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Can i add my two security cameras to unused Fios TV channels?

Category:FiosTV FAQ

Yes you can.  Keep in mind each area of FIOS is different as to what channels are unused.  Also it will be a little hit and miss as to which free channels you can actually use to rebroadcast your analog TV signal from each camera.  Even if a channel appears empty, you may find that tuning to that channel on a analog NTSC TV will result is some cross hatching on the video or some oscillating "siren" sound on the audio frequency.  You can bet that channel is not really available for your internal use and may be in use for MOCA between the ONT and the ActionTec router.

What I've typically observed is the safest unused FIOS TV channels to use are those directly between two used channels.  Probably due to the fact there is a only a 6MHz sliver of free spectrum between the two used TV channels.  The quickest way of course is if you access to a spectrum analyzer to view what portion of the spectrum is unused.

Written by David Hayko - wodnagvq -
Last updated on 10.11.08

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