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To access my RG-6 TV distribution cable point of entry to the ONT box requires a 40 foot burial. Will Verizon bury this RG-6 line extension and is it in a conduit?

Category:Fios Installation

I wouldn't count on that.  And if they do bury it, it's gonna be trenched and buried coax line, no conduit.  Even when they bury the FiOS fiber optic cable, they don't put it in a conduit.  They will bury the line to your ONT for sure.  Wiring up your house is a nebulous thing, every area, every tech is gonna take the customer service to a different level.  Be nice to the tech, he'll be nice to you. 

Written by Irv Gleaner - rkkqwxkyoo - FiOSboy
Last updated on 10.11.08

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