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To prewire internet and TV, does a single coax cable from each device (router and STB) all run to a common point, where it is connected to a splitter with a single coax running back to the ONT?

Category:Fios Installation

Yes.  The devices are interchangeable on the network (ie the router can be move to the location of any of the STB).  I strongly encourage you to consider and then insist on ethernet to the ONT.  The drawback of having the moca connection is that if/when the Actiontec/Westell moca router goes out (as all routers will from time to time).  You are stranded.  If you have ethernet, you can bypass, or replace with that old router you have preserved in your closet of electronic dinosaurs to get you through until Verizon & UPS get you a new one.   Just my thoughts... but prewiring is great, use the BEST coax you can find, not just the "required".  

Written by Irv Gleaner - fbdqxujdsv - FiSOboy
Last updated on 10.11.08

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