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How do I change my 4:3 override from 480i to 480p, so i can use my Samsung TV?


1.  Turn on both the TV and set-top box (STB).

2.  On the STB, press the POWER, SELECT, and MENU buttons in quick succession.  A setup screen should then appear on the TV within a few seconds.

3.  Using the up/down cursor buttons, move the cursor arrow down to 4:3 OVERRIDE.

4.  Using the left/right cursor buttons on the STB, select the resolution desired:  OFF, 480i, 480p, or STRETCH.  Selecting OFF leaves the resolution at what was selected for the HDMI output.  Selecting STRETCH stretches the picture to fit the 16:9 screen, upconverted to the selected HDMI resolution.

5.  Press the POWER button to return to normal operation.

6.  Note that changing the resolution setting in the Verizon on-screen guide using the remote control will re-set the 4:3 resolution and disable the STB override setting.

Written by Cathy Leinbaugh - Don McDade
Last updated on 03.30.08

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