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my actiontec mi424wr broke and i have no internet, can i buy a temporary router(what model,brand) it may take a week for verizon to get me one, i also have fios tv and phone


You can buy or borrow another router for your internet but the ActionTec MI424WR is the only router that can manage the TV. We too have the tele but the service is connected from the outside box not the router so when the stupid Actiontec goes down (which is altogether too often) it does not affect our telephone service.

If you have lots of wireless devices (say, more than 7) get yourself a NetGear dual band router (like the WNDR3000) - I recall it cost around $100 at the local gadget store. Once you get your replacement Actiontec, keep the NetGear downline to more easily manage the devices. You'll have to go online and turn off the wireless capability of the ActionTec and run a standard ethernet cable from the Actiontec to the NetGear. (The Verizon folks actually recommended we install a secondary router downline.) We find that our wireless devices work with the NetGear must better. Our TiVO units and wireless antenna's really have trouble with the ActionTec - I hate that dang thing. We've gone through four now.... they are horrible and keep failing. I do not understand the particulars but have been told that the ActionTec has a very limited NAT, so if you have many devices it will have problems.

Written by steve - Kathy
Last updated on 03.23.08

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