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If I already have FIOS TV & Internet, can I hook up a second Actiontec router upstairs to get a better wireless signal? Or do I have to go through Verizon?


Verizon actually recommended that we put a secondary router downline from our ActionTec. It not only improves the signal, but our multiple wireless devices work with the new router much better. From what I understand, the ActionTec router that Verizon uses has an extremely limited NAT - so if you have more than 7 (or so) devices, you're going to have a problem maintaining connections.

The folks at BestBuy/GeekSquad helped us with the info - am sure Circuit City and others like them are equally helpful.

We like the Dual Band (2.4 & 5.0 GHz) router as it is the latest & greatest and works with existing router & devices just fine. Run a standard ethernet cable from the ActionTec to the new router. Go online to your Verizon router page and turn OFF the wireless feature. Then, set up your wireless devices to use the new router. Slick!

We have the NetGear WNDR3300 and it cost about $100 at the local gadget store. As of today (18-Mar-08) the N/5.0 adapter cards are not available but they will be soon. If you still have trouble with your reception upstairs, get an N adapter as soon as they are available - it will proably help a lot as the N has a broader range and is said to be less sensitive to standard interference.

Written by Marc G - Kathy
Last updated on 03.23.08

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