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Asked before in the wrong category. I read the ONT can be connected to Actiontec router via only RG6 cable (due to MOCA). However, are there advantages if I run both RG6 and CAT-5e to router?

Category:Fios Installation

Very doubtful. The ONT's CAT 5 connection is 100BaseT -- less than 100 Mbits/second, while MoCA offers about 125 Mbits/second. And the MoCA figure is real-world throughput; while the actual speed of the CAT 5 connection is probably closer to 70 Mbits/sec.

The connection between the ONT and the router is used for Internet connectivity, not for moving files across your home network. Even a FiOS Internet connection is much less than 100 Mbits/sec.

The MoCA connection is also used for playback of VoD and PPV.If you have a very high-speed FiOS package (30 or 50 Mbits/sec Internet) AND you are watching several movies on Pay Per View, could MoCA's 125 Mbits/second become a limit? Not likely. The highest bandwidth for a high-definition PPV movie is 19.2 Mbits/sec, but Verizon probably uses less. Even with the 19.2 figure, running three PPV movies at once is under 60 Mbits/sec, leaving you 65 Mbits/sec for your Internet connection.

Written by Paul Sigmund - Marshall Goldberg
Last updated on 05.12.08

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