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How does the optical technology work (wavelengths for data/ phone/video)?

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The current deployment of FiOS uses what is called BPON, or Broadband Passive Optical Network. The BPON does in fact use three light wave lengths to provide voice, video and data. The linear broadcast channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, TNT, HBO, etc) are multicast to all homes using the video light wave. The non-linear video content (e.g. VOD) is distributed as an IP unicast stream via the data light wave. In the BPON architecture, a single PON card has capacity for 622 Mbps downstream for the data light wave, and can have up to 32 customers.

Here are some charts that should answer that question:

Here is the wavelength through the ONT:



Here is the overall wavelengths ont he PON system:


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